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"The Odd Couple" The Series


3ATIVE.COM Filmed, Edited and Produced a Four Part series for sky TV channel - Fitness TV (282)


"The Odd Couple" Hosted by David Van Day and Sue Moxley. Four Couples battle to win their Wedding in Prizes



Four un-married couples are put through their paces by two Royal Navy PTI Trainers at a GI Jane Bootcamp in Kent, UK.

Scored on a variety of physical activities as they battle to win their wedding in prizes.

Plot outline

There is a twist. One of the couples are fake !!!


Watch the First Video below or see the Entire Series:
The Odd Couple Playlist

Extension Professional Training Course


Extension Professional is a Luxury Premium Hair Extension brand based in Mayfair London. This elite brand is supplied exclusively to the high end professional market within the hairdressing industry, offering accredited hair extension training courses and the best hair extensions on the market. The Extension Professional Course has been awarded 16 CPD hours by Habia and Babtac.


For more information go to:
Extension Professional Web Site


Filmed and Produced by 3ATIVE.COM

Basildon Council: The Marketing Team do the Office


A "Mocumentry" for Basildon Councils award winning marketing team.


3Ative's work for the Towngate Theatre in Basildon has helped it win a top business award. The Basildon Council run theatre was named the winner in the 'Excellence in Marketing' category at the Essex Business Excellence Awards 2010.

Project: T.E.R.R.A.


Terra was born Lindsey Wordsworth June 4, 2219 in Barnet, England. Her father Lawrence was a cybernetic engineer, her mother Lucy a housewife. When she was four they moved to Houston, Texas because Lawrence got a job with NASA. A few years earlier NASA was absorbed into the federal government and is now known only as The Agency. He was commissioned with developing a direct interface between the human brain and computers.


She was in love with Matt Harrison, a fellow student. They celebrated their one-year anniversary by going to a carnival. Matt won a teddy bear and gave it to Lindsey as a gift. While driving home that night they were struck by a truck. Matt was killed and Lindsey suffered massive brain damage. When they found her she was still clutching the teddy bear.


With Lindsey in a coma Lawrence was given authorization to save his daughter using the experimental interface technology. Lindsey survived but most of her memory & personality were gone. The Agency proclaimed she is their property and would become a test subject of the new T.E.R.R.A. Project.

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